The outdoor experience around your hotel in Imst Tarrenz

Time to experience

The mountain peaks rise proudly into the brilliant blue sky, mountain and valley entice you, to go out and up, and to experience the beauty of the nature with all of your senses. All around your hotel in Imst Tarrenz a realm of possibilities awaits you, to make your day active and full of experiences: On your summer holiday in Imst Tarrenz set out on an pleasure hike and visit the mountain pastures and herdsmen; undertake a Rafting-Tour or risk going into the gorges of Tyrol; Climbing friends come here and get their money’s worth and families and pensioners find numerous hiking routes, that lead to the most beautiful viewing points.

In your winter holiday in Imst Tarrenz we invite you to discover the 20 most beautiful skiing areas in Tyrol on a ski safari. Strap on your ski boots and follow the tracks of the fox and hare. In the wintertime the forest and pastures display themselves idyllic and magically covered in snow and on cosy sun terraces an aromatic glühwein shouldn’t be left out.

Your hotel in Imst Tarrenz is the ideal setting off point at every time of the year for the most popular outdoor activities in Tyrol. Enjoy this central top location and experience the most attractive side of the Alps right up close.

Book your summer holiday in Imst Tarrenz now or your winter holiday in Imst Tarrenz in your Hotel zum Lamm in Imst Tarrenz. To Online-Booking. 

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